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Josh Hanawalt Realtor

There are many real estate agents in the world, but one thing that differentiates those agents is their breadth of knowledge and their ability to communicate that knowledge with their clients. During the course of his extensive real estate career, Josh Hanawalt’s level of knowledge has grown exponentially. Every single real estate deal is different, each client is different, and different factors are involved every time. That being said, no deal can be treated the same. Josh’s technique involves first getting to know his clients and developing an understanding of their individualization; their dreams become his dreams. From the first hand-shake to the last signature on the closing document, Josh guides his clients through every decision, big or small. For Josh, it’s not about the numbers, it’s about fulfilling the dreams of his clients and escorting them through the entire daunting process of buying or selling a home.

Living in abounding regions within Colorado throughout his life, Josh has developed an advantage of understanding the dynamics of the home buying/selling/building processes in a variety of regions around Colorado. Buying and selling a home in the mountains can be quite different than buying/selling a home in downtown Denver. Josh’s goal in these situations is assuring 100% client comfort in a transition from one region to another by providing them with every detail they need to know. Josh is grateful for the experiences he’s had as a real estate agent and is eager to share the plethora of knowledge he’s gained with all of his clients.

It’s no doubt that Josh apprehends helping people during times of severe stress. With history as a firefighter, Josh has stood by the sides of victims and families during their worst moments. Josh’s passion for helping people has remained authentic throughout his entire life and it has evolved through his work as a firefighter into his work as a real estate agent.

Today, Josh is a proud broker associate at Madison and Company Properties, LLC and is expressing his passion for helping people through his real estate career.

Listings 86%
Buying 95%
Investment Properties 78%
Customer service 100%


I pride myself on my ability to connect with clients on a personal level and build meaningful, value-added relationships.


As a Colorado native, I know the market in your geographic area and property type inside and out—its values, market trends, neighborhoods, pros and cons, legal issues, etc.


I negotiate effectively and aggressively to achieve the best possible price and terms. I am committed to your goals and interests. 




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Buying a home is an exciting and sometimes complex adventure. It is crucial to be familiar with all aspects of the process and have all the best information and resources at hand. I specialize in representing the best interests of home buyers in the Denver metro area throughout the entire home buying process. Whether you’re buying a starter home, your dream home or an investment property, my experience as a Colorado market expert will save you time and money, as well as make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.


For a lot of people, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work. My top priority is providing you with comprehensive, high-quality listing service; from strategically marketing and showcasing your home to making sure everything is signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date. I will assure you not only get the best service, but the most value for your home.


I believe that every real estate transaction should be approached from an investment standpoint. My approach is to listen to the client’s goals and objectives, help them identify projects that may be interesting, and work on how to successfully perform the transaction.
8651 E Dry Creek Road, Centennial, CO

8651 E Dry Creek Road, Centennial, CO

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1298 Wells Fargo Circle,  Jefferson, CO

1298 Wells Fargo Circle, Jefferson, CO

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1218 N Calhan Avenue,  Castle Rock, CO

1218 N Calhan Avenue, Castle Rock, CO

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5250 S Huron Way, Littleton, CO

5250 S Huron Way, Littleton, CO

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6422 S Dover Street,  Littleton, CO

6422 S Dover Street, Littleton, CO

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1044 Clarkson Street,  Denver, CO

1044 Clarkson Street, Denver, CO

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8651 E Dry Creek, Centennial, CO

8651 E Dry Creek, Centennial, CO

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2641 Red Bird Trl Castle Rock, CO

2641 Red Bird Trl Castle Rock, CO

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15421 E Princeton Ave, Aurora, CO

15421 E Princeton Ave, Aurora, CO

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Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

Josh Hanawalt

Josh Hanawalt

Josh takes pride in maintaining trusted and respected relationships with his clients. He aims to help all of his clients make the most optimal choice when it comes to their investment, whether they are buying or selling. As a Colorado native, he knows the market in your geographic area and property type inside and out—its values, market trends, neighborhoods, pros and cons, legal issues, etc.
Brett Baird

Brett Baird

Loan Officer
Brett works with every type of homebuyer, from the seasoned investor to the first time home buyer in need of a down payment assistance program. His goal is to make the client feel well informed and at ease with the home buying process. Brett is passionate about travel, having lived in Spain for over four years he is fully bilingual and loves working with the Hispanic community.
Victoria Stevenson

Victoria Stevenson

Marketing Director
Victoria Stevenson has over four years of experience as head of marketing for various companies in Colorado. She specializes in social media marketing, email marketing and graphic design. She provides Josh with any and all of his marketing needs as he moves forward in his real estate business.
Green Ridge Design

Green Ridge Design

Green Ridge Design is a full-service architectural firm that includes structural design and construction management. In collaboration with Denver’s Best Real Estate, client’s wildest dreams are able to come true.

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